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Over 25 Years Experience!​
                                                                         Labor rates as of 7/5/18
Due to the wide range of equipment types, repair service vary in price according to your product. 
General labor prices for our small engine repairs are shown below.  
All invoices are calculated by adding labor, time, parts and shipping.
Part prices will include shipping fees if applicable.
As always, 30 day warranty on labor.

​                                       Typical Self Propelled Push Mower      Typical Riding Mower/ Lawn Tractor
                                            Tune Up $35.00 + Parts.                 Tune Up $60.00 + Parts

                                     $9.75 Air Filter                                     Air Filters Range From                                               
                                             $2.25 Pre-filter                                       $12.98 To $19.95  
                                             $6.75 Oil Qt.                                         Oil Filter If Required
                                             $3.75 Spark Plug                                   $8.95 To $12.95

​                                                                Blade Sharpening is Extra. Rates below. 
                                                           Labor Rate: $45.00/Hour for Mechanical Repairs.
                                                                Example: Electrical,Carburetors,Belts,Engine.
Blade Sharpening $10.00, If need to remove per blade.Chainsaw $10.00 depending on length.
Riding Lawn Mower/Tractor Tire Dismount / Mount $12.00 per wheel.
​All sales final on pre-owned equipment, And all deposits on pre-owned equipment is non refundable.
                                                                             Engine Tune Up. 
Having your engine Tuned Up can keep your engine running at its best. Normal tuning will keep the engine efficient and strong. Contact B's Mower Repair: (919-522-8529) for your tune up today. 
Look below for what is included: 
Engine Tune Up.
  * Inspect equipment for debris (nests, etc)
  * Change the oil
  * Start engine, burn off cylinder treatment
  * Replace spark plug
  * Reinstall battery if applicable
  * Test equipment operation
  * Adjust Valves (If Applicable)
  * Inspect air filter,
  * Inspect fuel lines
  * Inspect fuel filter
  * Inspect blades
  * Inspect tires
  * Inspect belts
With the many models/types your mechanic must be up to date to do the job right.
Certified: (And up to date).
Briggs & Stratton Engines.
Tecumseh Engines,
Kohler and Honda.
Experience with the following models:
Honda,Cub cadets,Toro, Troy-Bilt ,MTD,John Deer, Kubota, Exmark, Gravely
Husqvarna, Snapper Pro, Lawn Boy ,Bolens, Craftsman, Murray,& More!
                                                                  Winterizing / Summerizing :
After a long season it is important to prepare you equipment to be stored. Just storing your equipment with out being winterized or summerized can lead to premature failure and cause a serious headache.  

With "B's Mower Repair" Winterizing / Summerizing service,
we will make sure your equipment is ready to be stored to prevent damage. 
With this service you get: 
  * Run engine to get warm.
  * Check high rpm and idle R.P.M. against manufacturers specifications.
  * Replace Spark Plug.
  * Replace/Clean Air Filter.
  * Inspect fuel lines.
  * Replace Fuel Filter.
  * Change Oil. 
  * Replace Oil Filter.(if applicable)
  * Inspect springs and governor mechanism.
  * Inspect throttle mechanism.
  * Adjust carburetor . (if applicable)
  * Drain, clean and refill fuel tank with fresh stabilized fuel.
  (This stabilizer will help keep the fuel fresh and prevent water
  from accumulating due to condensation.) 
  * Clear engine from debris and ensure proper cooling. 
  * Inspect recoil mechanism. (if applicable)
  * Inspect muffler
  * Test compression
  * Test battery (if applicable)
I'm sure you'll be happy with my work. I guarantee it! Look around if you have any comments
                  or questions, please feel free to contact us.
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